*EN 27 Honors Freshman English 2 Sem. — 1 English Credit An accelerated language arts course with an emphasis on enrichment experiences, including advanced work in literature, composition, grammar, research and reading, with a focus on critical reading and argumentation. NOTE: This is a weighted course. 

*EN 41 Critical Thinking and Writing Prerequisites: EN 47 1 Sem. — ½ English Credit Critical Thinking and Writing teaches inductive, deductive, and analogical reasoning for logical writing, critical analysis, and explication of literature. It emphasizes the processes used in problem-based research. This class prepares students for college and career by giving them practice in formal writing techniques. *EN 44 Creative Writ

*EN 52 Mythology Prerequisites: EN 47 1 Sem. — ½ English Credit Through the analysis of various classical and/or world mythologies, students will gain an appreciation for their cultural contributions and will form a foundation for understanding later literary works. Emphasis will be placed on understanding cultures and human behavior. 

*EN 71 AP English Literature & Composition 2 Sem. — 1 English Credit This course involves college level reading and writing, focusing on literary analysis of novels, poetry, and prose in order to prepare students for the Advanced Placement (AP) exam in May. If students have a financial hardship paying for the exam, see your school Student Advisor. This course fulfills the senior English requirement. NOTE: This is a weighted course.

Advanced Placement (“AP”) courses offer rigorous college-level curriculum to highly-motivated students at all six Mesa high schools. When students take AP courses, they demonstrate to college admission officers that they have sought out an educational experience that prepares them for college and university success. AP courses are fast-paced and intense, allowing students to develop skills, abilities and content knowledge that they will need later in college and beyond. AP teachers are specially trained to assist students to meet the demands of such challenging coursework. AP courses are offered through a partnership between the College Board, high schools, and colleges and universities. Each AP course is modeled upon a comparable college course and concludes with a college-level exam which provides an opportunity for students to earn free university credits. With the wide variety of AP choices offered in Mesa Public Schools, students may choose which AP subjects best meet their needs, and whether to take one or many. For more information about the AP program and specific courses, students and parents are encouraged to visit https://apstudent.