January 2009




I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your student to Reading!  This year I am teaching our new LANGUAGE curriculum.  LANGUAGE is based in literacy research.  It reflects the Reading First Initiative.  LANGUAGE is comprehensive, providing direct instruction in six areas of language arts: phonemic awareness and phonics; word recognition and spelling; vocabulary; grammar and usage; listening and reading comprehension; speaking and writing. LANGUAGE is designed to meet the needs of students who are not reading on grade level and helps in the acceleration of students’ literacy achievement. 




Each student is required to come prepared for class.  Students should ALWAYS bring their planner, paper, and a writing utensil EVERYDAY to reading class.




Each student is required to keep their assignments for class in their notebooks or a two pocket folder.   Most work is done in class; however some students may have to take work home to complete what they did not finish in class.  It is your child’s responsibility to turn in his/her work.  I do not ask for work unless I assigned homework.  Your child is also responsible for make-up work following an absence.  They have 2 days for each day missed to make up the work, starting from the day of their return.




Attendance is the key to success in class.  Brimhall Junior High’s attendance policy requires students to be present in school and not to acquire 9 absences in a semester or their grade can be withheld.  The first tardy will result in a verbal warning, 2nd tardy will result in a 15 minute detention and “Plan for Improvement”, 3rd tardy will result in a parent contact and a 30 minute detention, 4th tardy will result in an administrative referral.  Please encourage your child to be present and on time everyday!




On the first day of school I have students fill out a Student Respect Report.  This report allows me to keep track of any rule violators.  Each time your child misbehaves or breaks a rule in my classroom he/she is written up.  First offense is usually a verbal warning.  I will contact you if I see that your child is having some behavior issues.  My classroom rules are pretty basic:  BE ON TIME, NO FOOD OR GUM, ONE SPEAKER AT A TIME, BE RESPECTFUL OF EVERYONE IN THE CLASS.  Review the Skills for Life in the student handbook.




90 – 100 = A

80 – 89   = B

70 – 79   = C

60 – 69   = D

  0 – 59   = F


Check your child’s planner every Friday to see if he/she is passing or needs extra help.  I do have time on some days to help your child after school.  Feel free to contact me before or after school at 472-2692 or EXT 22692.




Ms. Trujillo

7th Grade Reading for Success

8th Grade Power Reading