Chef Michael Johnson

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Office Hours: Monday- Friday 945 am to 11 am



My name is Chef Johnson and I teach Intro to Culinary Arts. This is my fifth year teaching. This is my third career since I graduated from Dobson High in 1986. I got to live a dream of being a Paramedic and was fortunate to spend almost twenty years in pre-hospital emergency services. After I left that industry I was able to go to Scottsdale Community College for their Culinary Arts program. I too a hobby and turned it into a career. After I graduated I worked as a Chef for AJ's Fine Foods and worked there for 9 years. It was trough a work colleague that I was able to apply for a position here at Westwood where I have been ever since. 

This is an introductory class that will introduce the student to culinary arts. This is a partial list of what we cover:

* Safety and sanitation

* Kitchen equipment

* Knife skills

* Recipes

* Baking and mixing methods

The best way to get a hold of me is via email, I try to be diligent and answer quickly.