Mr. William Chenausky -World History



Phone: None at this time while we are teaching online


Dear Westwood Students/Parents/Guardians:

It is an honor to be an educator at Westwood High School. This year I will only be teaching world history, but I am certified to also teach United States history, U.S. Government-Political Science, and Earth & Space Science. I am now starting my 11 year as a certified high school educator, but this is only my 2nd year at Westwood.

If you are interested in playing golf, I am also the Varsity girls golf coach for Westwood. 

Prior to teaching I was employed at a law firm as a trial and investigative paralegal. 5 of the 10 prior years teaching I also taught Street Law, which is an introductory law class.

I have a bachelor’s degree in history from Arizona State University, and completed my master’s degree from the University Phoenix, majoring in Education.

World History: This world is such an amazing place. Our history, including culture, wars & famine, and adventure & glory, and so many aspects of human life and the world we live in are fascinating to uncover and learn.

This year we will discover new religions, learn new cultures, examine wars, and even evaluate that old saying ‘will history repeat itself?’ Here are some questions that will be asked throughout the school year: will another Hitler or Stalin be born, can humans truly live together in peace, and what world past-events are similar to a few current-events? These questions and many more will be learned, discussed, evaluated, and analyzed in Mr. Chenausky's world history class.


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