In order to obtain a parking permit, you will need to bring the following documents:

-Current Car Registration

-Proof of Insurance Driver’s License

-Completed Application with Parent’s Signature 

**$20 fee for parking for the year



In order to check out your lap top from room 402, you must bring your signed Technology Device User Agreement signed by a parent.  In addition, we recommend paying for the Device Protection Plan for only $30  per year. This can also be taken care of in the bookstore or online.



For Students Tardies:

Teachers will handle tardies in their classroom. Tardy is defined as a      student who is not across the door threshold when the bell  finishes ringing.

· Students who enter the classroom prior to the 10 minute mark will still be marked tardy, but will remain in the classroom.

· Students who arrive after the 10 minute mark will be sent to room 406 and will be marked as an unexcused tardy (TDU) by Julie.  

· Students with 1-4 tardies will be handled with the classroom teacher.

· By the 3rd tardy, teacher must give student verbal warning and call home

· When the student reaches his/her 5th tardy, a teacher can write a referral and send it to the appropriate administrator. Parent contact must be made prior to sending the referral to administration.

· Teachers can then write referral for each subsequent tardy.

· Each referral MUST state the period and number of tardies -

ex: 5th tardy, 2nd period

****Tardies will reset at the beginning of each quarter.





Useful Forms:
Statement of Awareness
Campus Map
Student Advisement and

Compass Center

Westwood Handbook
Food and Nutrition

Menus/application info

Lunch Applications
Tardy Policy