End of Year Miss You Video 19-20

PE with sports balls circling it

P.E. Time

Here are some exciting resources to help you stay active and fit while you are at home!

Start with the heart words and a heart

Character Counts

Razzle Bam Boom came to our school last year and taught us about making awesome choices!  They've shared their videos, for free, during our time of online learning.  Click on the link below.  There are 6 videos to pick from.  All are GREAT!

Just for Fun with happy face

Just For Fun!

Whitman staff having a little fun.  Enjoy!

Counselor's Corner

Resources and Whitman Counselor Information

Hello from the Counselors!
Indoor Activities and Games
Social and Emotional Resources
Check In With Your Counselor Form

Students, Complete this form to
hear from Mrs. Wedin or Mrs. Rivers

6 different emojis showing emotions
Counselor's Daily Dose

Daily Dose focuses on ways to keep your emotional health and growth mindset healthy during this period of uncertainty. We will share Social and Emotional strategies for mindfulness, emotional regulation, growth mindset, and self care.

Mindful Monday
Tranquil Tuesday
WOW Wednesday
Thankful Thursday
Funny Friday
Daily Dose Student Request Form

Tell the counselors what you'd like to see!

Stack of books on a library table
Media Center Corner

Library time with Ms. Sandy!

Join in the fun with stories and activities, Makerspace fun, and so much more!

Storyline Online

Listen to a story
Pick on of the activities to create

Poetry Month!

Poem Creating Ideas

Makerspace Time!

Astronaut Kate Rubins Reads
Rosie Revere, Engineer

Pictures of different types of fruits and veggies
Possible Food Resources

Below is a link with possible food options for those needing additional help.  We do not endorse these organizations.  Please be sure to reach out to them to verify their service is still available on the days and time listed.

Possible Food Resources
Online Manipulatives

Easy to Use

Cover Pictures of books you can read out loud to students
Reading Corner

Whitman staff reading picture books for all to enjoy!

Mr. Y


Mrs. Johnson

1st Grade

Mrs. Howell

3rd Grade

Mrs. Field

Dean of Students

Ms. Nelson

1st Grade

Mrs. Young

MI K-1

Mrs. Johnson

1st Grade

Mrs. Johnson

1st Grade

Mr. Y


Picture of a campfire in the woods
Music Campfire Songs

Click on the videos to sing along to great songs with Mrs. Anderson (our very own Music Teacher) and her husband, Mr. A!

On Top of Spaghetti
The Bear
Down by the Bay
Black Xbox controller
Setting Up Google Classroom

If your child has a gaming system at home, they can access their Google Classroom from it.  Below are the directions how.

Google Classroom through PS4 or Xbox
Health Office

Below are resources that will help keep your healthy!

Important Immunization Information