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                                General Music Classes

Whittier students attend General Music classes 30 minutes weekly. Music is a core curriculum subject in Arizona and there are music standards that students are taught during music classes. Music teachers in the Mesa Public School district teach students according to the standards of the district curriculum.  

Essential musical experiences are used to teach six conceptual areas. They are : Rhythm, Pitch, Texture/Harmony, Form, Expressive Elements, and Style.

The MPS music curriculum is designed to engage students as active participants. Students should strive to demonstrate a superior level of involvement and responsibility for learning. Students should obey the classroom rules, actively participate and have an excellent attitude each and every music class in order to earn the grade of "4" Outstanding.    


                                                                      Concert Band Program

The MPS band program provides students in grades 5-6 with the opportunity to receive instruction on woodwind, brass or percussion instruments. A highly qualified band teacher provides 30 minutes of instruction two times a week during the school day as part of the overall music curriculum.

The level 1 and level 2 band courses (grades 5-6) introduce the essential elements of playing a wind instrument or percussion instruments. The students who complete these courses with consistent practice at home and attentiveness in band classes at school, will be able to demonstrate the understanding of:

  • Rhythm/Meter
  • Pitch, Scales, Basic Rudiments
  • Music Fundamentals
  • Dynamics by playing, listening, reading/writing and creating music appropriate to the instrument and performance level of the student.