Miss Karly LaOrangeMiss LaOrange

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This is my fourth year teaching and I am so excited to be doing this with your learners! I am from Idaho Falls, Idaho and graduated from BYU - Idaho. I am an elementary education major with an emphasis in language arts. I have a passion for teaching and working with students. My favorite thing about teaching is seeing students understand a concept that they have been struggling with. 

Coming from Idaho I have always been interested in going somewhere with a warm climate! However, I don’t know if 110 is exactly what I had in mind! I am excited to finally have my own classroom! I did my student teaching in a 6th grade classroom and that is where I realized I wanted to teach older students. They are spunky, and have their own opinions and I love that! I am thrilled to be working with your students and to learn from all of their wonderful life experience. Thank you for giving me this opportunity!


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