Classroom Management 

            In order to provide the students with the excellent educational climate they deserve, we will use the following pledge in our classroom: 

When we care about each other and our classroom, we share and take turns.  We listen carefully, help each other, work hard and have fun together.  We know that everyone makes mistakes and we won’t laugh or make fun of them.  When someone asks us to stop, we will stop the first time.  We will always treat others how we want to be treated.  This is who we are, even when no one is watching. 

We refer to this pledge daily and when someone makes a mistake, we use the following framework to solve it:

I don’t like it when you____________________.

It makes me feel _________________.

I want you to stop.


I heard you say______________.

I won’t _______________.

I am sorry.

Giving the children the words they need to solve a problem is a pro-active approach to discipline.   I encourage and promote positive discipline. On an occasion that I need to intervene, consequences could be warnings, time off recess, notes home, calls home and if necessary, behavior contracts. I want the children to gain the ability to problem solve and be able to be responsible for their actions, to determine improvement ideas. I will work with the students to make positive choices, and together we will form a community of positive learning. 

In addition to our classroom pledge, the following rules are in effect at all times:

·      Be Kind: Are you being kind?

·      Be Safe:  Are you being safe?

·      Be Respectful:  Are you being respectful?

·      Be Helpful:  Are you being helpful?