Homework Information 

Homework: Homework during these ages should be an occasion for fun and learning and serve as an opportunity to bring you and your kids closer.  Children in kindergarten and first grade already don't have enough time for imaginative play. At the end of the school day, they need to go home and play, interact with their families, run around, and get some sleep.  Young children love to learn.  

The homework consists of reading each night for 20-30 minutes. This is critical to developing their love for reading. 

After August, we will be sending home developmentally appropriate homework, such as math games to play with your child to foster the interactions, spelling/word work to support the continued growth as it is fit, in addition to any special homework projects throughout the year to support what's happening in the classroom. 

Traditional Homework: 5 spelling words (developed at each child's pace), math game, book to read each week. Spelling words to be tested every Thursday. 

Topic Bags: Bag of a specific topic filled with books, math game, craft, and any other supplements to support. In the topic bag anything and everything can be completed, and most importantly one book should be reflected on in the reflection book through the book report. 

Take Home Folders:  Children are responsible for bringing their Take Home folder to school every day.  These folders are vital to parent-school communication. I will send information, and notes home frequently.  Please make time to go through this folder each night to check for papers that may need to be returned. School communication including newsletters, extracurricular information, and more will also be sent home in their take home folders.