The following links will take you to articles related to the efficacy of traditional homework for young learners:

Does Homework Improve Learning? by Alfie Kohn

Forget Homework by Emily Bazelon

Research Spotlight on Homework from the National Education Association

The following article discusses the pros and cons of traditional homework: The Case for and Against Homework

Click here for a creative list of ideas for alternative "homework" assignments: Alternative Homework Ideas


And lastly, this link will take you to the video that inspired me to make a change to homework requirements:

Video: America Needs a New Approach to Homework


All of this to say that, aside from reading for at least 20 minutes each evening, we will not be assigning much homework this year... :) There will be occasional projects to be completed at home, and quick review-type activities weekly, but the main focus of homework will be regular handwriting practice. Building good handwriting habits from the beginning is critical, as bad habits are much harder to break over time. Ensuring that kids are forming letters correctly is much more effectively done at home, where parents can provide immediate feedback and individual assistance, which is not always possible in a classroom full of children. All homework assignments will include specific instructions, and I am always here to provide additional assistance, as needed.