The Jordan School Day


The Jordan School day begins each morning at 9:10 AM.

Students are greeted off the buses and directed to their classrooms. Breakfast, attendance and other clerical duties are completed. A Student provides daily announcements over the public address system, including the Pledge of Allegiance. Immediately following announcements, academic instruction begins. In addition to classroom instruction, students receive daily Physical Education and Social Emotional learning time.

  • Individual Classroom lunches begin at 11:35 AM and continue through 12:30 PM.
  • Dismissal time on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday is 3:40 PM.
  • Wednesday is early release day for professional development activities and dismissal time on Wednesday is 1:40 PM.

Our Mission

We exist to provide students with the individualized support, instruction, and environment needed to ensure their academic and social-emotional success.

Our Vision

We aspire to create a collaborative learning community that partners with families to ensure all students who leave our program are capable of applying academic and social skills in any setting.