To the Mesa Public Schools Community,

Mesa Public Schools (MPS) would like to share the outcomes of our ballot measures of the recent election. 

The override continuation, which supports essential school district salaries and educational programs, has received support and approval from our community. We express our gratitude to the voters who recognized the importance of sustaining our district's commitment to quality education and its educators.

However, the bond election, which sought funding for critical improvements for safety upgrades in our schools and continued access to current technology, did not achieve the necessary approval from our community.

The success of the override continuation is a testament to the dedication of our community to maintaining competitive salaries for our educators and preserving the diverse educational programs that enrich our students' experiences. These funds play a crucial role in ensuring that our district can attract and retain talented teachers and staff who are essential to our students' success.

Despite the setback of the bond election, we remain committed to educating our students. The narrow rejection of the bond measure poses challenges for our district, as many critical initiatives to improve our educational infrastructure will be altered. 

I’m grateful for your support of our staff.

Dr. Andi Fourlis