Mesa Public Schools is currently in the process of selecting instructional materials for elementary (K-5) science and select high school courses, including biology, physical science, chemistry, Earth & space science, physics, English language arts, AP English Language, and AP English Literature.

As part of the process, community members are invited to review and submit feedback about the different instructional resources during the 60-day public review period pursuant to §15-721. If you are interested in reviewing materials, you can access the digital review materials on the Instructional Materials Adoption Review Resources document. Additionally, physical review materials are available at high schools and the Curriculum Services Center. To preview the materials, please either contact your school or the Curriculum Services Center (480-472-0262 or to make arrangements.

Please submit comments by completing the Community Feedback Form.

We appreciate your engagement in this crucial process, and your feedback will contribute to the decision-making that directly impacts our students' educational experiences.

Thank you for your time and participation.