Mesa Public Schools is adjusting our staffing to match the projected student enrollment for 2024-25. These adjustments were necessary to become more efficient based on next year’s projected revenue and the expiration of the three-year ESSER funding.

This adjustment will result in a decrease of 385 positions for the next school year. Of those positions, 187 are classified (over 60 of those are currently vacant), 194 are certified and 4 are administrators. Impacted staff were notified by their site administrator the week of February 1. 

All certified staff are guaranteed contracts for the next school year. Human Resources is working with schools/departments to place teachers into open positions meaning some teachers will have to change schools, grade levels and/or content areas. 

Impacted classified staff will have priority to interview for jobs they are qualified for within the district. Human Resources hosted two information sessions for classified staff on February 20 and will be hosting a virtual session on February 26 for those who could not make an in-person informational session. There are various classified positions available for our affected classified staff to consider. A list of current openings can be found at

It is our goal to keep our dedicated and talented staff working in Mesa Public Schools. 

Outlined below are key considerations that have impacted staffing:

  • ESSER Expiration: The current school year, 2023-24, marks the culmination of ESSER funding. This three-year federal support has been instrumental in enhancing our programs and initiatives and we have planned for the ending of these funds.  

    • For example, many schools and departments were awarded Innovation Grants that included staffing positions with the understanding they would conclude at the end of this year.

  • Efficiencies and Changes in Requirements: Changes in state and federal requirements dictate how we allocate staff positions. In addition, automation has reduced demands in some areas.

  • Focus on Student Outcomes:  We know all MPS staff contribute to student successes.  In our effort to increase graduation rate, proficiency and growth in literacy and math, we are maintaining as much classroom support as possible.

  • Override Passage: While we are grateful for the community's support in passing the override, please note that this sustains our current funding levels without an increase. This means that the money from the override does not provide extra dollars to offset the ESSER expiration and projected revenue from declining student enrollment.

Mesa Public Schools values its staff members. We are proud of the careful planning that has allowed us to avoid a certified reduction in force and that we are able to offer affected classified staff priority interviews to keep them employed with us in MPS. Our staff is essential in keeping our promise to know every student by name, serve them by strength and need, so they graduate ready for college, career and community.

If you have any questions please reach out to

Dr. Andi Fourlis

Justin Wing
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources